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NEED TO CAST CATTLE, camels or canines in your next production? Dawn Animal Agency has been providing creatures on camera in NYC productions for more than five decades – with a bit of coordination from the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting.   We have trained swans, chickens, all sorts of pet birds, peacocks, cows, sheep, goats, monkeys, all sorts of horses, ponies, camels, wolves, dogs, cats, zebra, pigs, bugs, snakes, rodents of all shapes and sizes all on our farm... please remember these animals help support the less fortunate animals we have in our Sanctuary

Bambi Brook, a third-generation family member in the business, has run 16 elephants down Wall Street for 
Letterman, staged a 60-member dog show at Roseland for Sex and the City, and herded 24 cows and 16 horses through Times Square for Good Morning America. Her family operates a farm 75 miles outside the City with over 600 animals available for production, including bears, big cats, camels, horses, fox, dogs, yak and elephants. 

Recently, Brook provided the animals who played police horses on 
Law & Order, bomb sniffing dogs on the Spike Lee film Inside Man, and a cat rescued in a fire on Rescue Me. She also handles the animals in Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular


All of the horses acting as police horses are rescues and were saved from being slaughtered.

“There are so many exciting scenes shot in New York City that it is extremely rewarding and fun to be part of the production industry,” she said. 

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     -New York Sweet Million Bunny Commercial
     -New York Sweet Million Lottery Commercial
     -Scotch Fur Fighter Commercial


Lights! Camera! Animals!

BY:  Dorothy Noe     See Entire Article

When the script of Sex and the City calls for two
dogs, a horse, and a cat trained to run away with
an umbilical cord; when Dave Letterman requests
his beloved rats; and when Conan O’Brien urgently
needs a duck — who you gonna call?

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