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Sanctuary for Animals


 Welcome to The Sanctuary For Animals!
38 William Lain Road, Westtown, New York 10998

A (501)-C 3 charitable organization
All donations are tax deductible 

     Our organization was founded in 1973 and is a family run, permanent home and safe haven for a wide variety of animals.  Located in Westtown, New York on an area of over 270 acres, we house, feed, love and care for over 600 animals ranging from exotics ( including a tiger, zebra, bears and wolves) to domestic; farm to pets, as well as feral dogs and cats found in the streets.

     Many of our animals have specialty diets, such as our Asian elephant Fritha, our small herd of reindeer and our numerous parrots and macaws.  These specialty diets cost roughly $1,850 a month.  As for feeding our horses, cows, pigs, goats and other farm animals, our hay is about $4500. every 8 to 10 days.  Their grain, an important part of some of the animal’s diet and a favorite goodie to others, costs roughly $3200.  a month.  Our dogs are fed twice a day and the cost of their food runs about $1850. a month.

     As for cleaning supplies, bowls, leashes, collars, halters, flea/tick/fly repellant, tubs, pails, tools and maintenance, this costs about $1950 a month .  All labor is graciously donated.  Of course all of the animals are examined, vaccinated, dewormed and treated for any medical condition by our veterinarian who generously donates many of his services.

     There are many sad stories here at the Sanctuary.  Every animal has come with a past.  Some have been found here by their families abandoning them, either tied to the fence, dumped off or let in a box.

     Some we have traveled and purchased in order to save.  Our newest additions are five purchased horses destined for slaughter in Canada.  One of them who we have named Tanner, was a horse purchased for the summer season by a camp.  Because there were not enough campers for him to be needed they just stopped feeding him.  He was emaciated, nearly 400 lbs. underweight.


     Another horse purchased to save her is Gisele.  Gisele is an emaciated, pregnant thoroughbred mare who didn’t make the cut.  She and her unborn foal were destined for Canada as well.  Now with gracious donations we were able to bring them home and they will live out their lives carelessly grazing our fields living the ideal life of a horse.


     The Sanctuary is organized and run by a family of very dedicated, knowledgeable, hard working women whose love of animals and their well being has taken them over the past 36 years to where they are today.  They are also joined by many volunteers, who share this same love and concern for animals and their well being. 

     On the top of our “wish list” is funding.  We hope to build newer and bigger enclosures for our residents and with additional funds we can save and support more helpless animals.  Any donation is welcome and gratefully acknowledged.  All of the donations go directly to the animals needs.  No salaries are paid, no management fees ever come out of the donations received.  Please help us to continue to help those in need.  Thank you!!!

Dawn Animal Agency was founded in 1959 to provide income for our Sanctuary For Animals in Westtown, NY.  Currently 700 animals call our farm home.        

     We are a full service agency .We can provide just about any animal from Ant to Zebra.  Many of our farm animals are able to work and we have well mannered barnyard and exotic animals.   And we have farm
locations available to the trade. 



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